There are plenty of ways to manifest anything you want in life, but it takes time, below I have given twenty ways to manifest money. just follow the practices each day and you will see a huge change in your life in 30 days.

1] Prosperity Goals:

write down how much money you want to manifest in your life. make a list of it, read it before you do meditation each morning and read it before you go to sleep each night.

2] Prosperity Gratitude:

write a list of things you are grateful for each day, and save it on your mobile or laptop.

3] Additional Income:

Each day for 15-20 minutes, research on how you could use your additional time to have an additional source of income, then do the visualization that by your researching you got an additional source of income and you have started earning from it.

4] Prosperity Cheque:

Take print out of prosperity cheque from the internet and fill it with a small amount. next place the cheque in wallet/handbag, paste it on your bedroom mirror, have it on your mobile /laptop screen.

5] Talk it, get it:

Talk to people about your prosperity goals to achieve it faster.

6] Universal Notification:

Visualize that you received notification in mobile that your account is credited.

7] Get started Method:

whenever you get an idea to do something big, note it down in a dairy, and start working on it, it is termed as inspired action in the manifestation process.

8] Nature and fun:

Observe nature regularly and learn from it, its a true source of inspiration for all of us.

9] Money Tree:

Visualize that you have a money tree in front of your home and you take a bunch of notes each day from the tree, and after receiving it, you look up and say thanks to the universe and nature.

10]Money Rock:

Have a small stone with you, which makes you feel that you have received some amount of money every time you touch it.

11] Imaginary spending:

Imagine you paid a hefty amount for a car dealer and booked a luxury car, and the dealer called you to take ownership of it.

12] Millionaire mindset:

Visualize that you have accomplished all your goals.

13]Magical Coins:

Have plenty of coins placed at different places in your home, and look for it every time you feel scarcity of money, in this way you will find new opportunities to earn money.

14]Wealth Vision Board:

Have a vision board of what you want in life, it could be a private jet, and luxury car, a big bungalow. just observe it in detail every day.

15] Making way-Allowing Flow:

Have a clean and tidy workplace and home, it shows you are allowing money into your life.

16] Prosperity Affirmations:

Have a positive list of affirmations, keep repeating it to be in a positive state of mind.

17] Money Drops:

Visualize that every drop of rain is a dollar note and you were blessed with plenty of notes from nature.

18] prosperity Success story:

Write a list of all things you have a manifested till now in life, it builds up your confidence in the manifestation process.

19] Love your Bills:

Every time you receive a bill, be grateful for it, Visualize that you will receive double off of it, from nature.

20] Blessing money:

Always bless the money you have with you, it could be liquid cash, assets, your savings in the form of stocks and bonds, always be grateful for it.

If you follow the above visualization practices each day for the next 30 days, you will surely manifest plenty of money in your life from multiple sources.

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with regards

Sunil Jain





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