How to achieve any Target

There are many ways to reach to a target, but today we will discuss about best ways to reach any goal, no matter what it may be , if you set it, then you will get it done at all cost, life is easy for goal achievers, its difficult for lazy people and always will be.

Work creates and charity destroys, so get your sleeves up and start working, and its all worth at the end, give it a shot, and you will never ever regret in life. Get used to it and you will flow through it.

Any new activity when done for the first time seems difficult , but when you are used to it, its just flows through you, it just comes off naturally. That’s what you should do, get used to working at a higher level, improve up your work , every once in 3 days, and you will see you have improved to a great level.

Below I have mentioned 10 steps to achieve any target, example taken here is losing weight:

Step 1 :Be clear

Be clear on what you want to do in your life, be specific in your life about what you want in your life the most, if you want to lose weight, how much kg/lbs to lose, it may be 5 kg/10 pounds, have a clear set defined target.

Step 2: Plan it

Get all your plans done effectively, if its for losing weight, you should how much calories to lose in total to lose 5 kg, and your action steps to get there, and remove all distractions to get there, its hard work, and you have to keep up the work to get there.

To lose 5 kg , you have to burn 6500×5=33,000 calories. You can plan to lose it in 10 days, if you are looking for extreme diet, or in 20 days, if you want to go easily.

Plan here is to  consume just 1200 -1500 calories each day, with burning 1500 calories each day, thats equal to reaching 33,000 calories burning in 22 days.

If you want to go on fast, then you can consume 1500 calories per day, with burning 500 calories through workout, which will help you burn off 2000 calories each day, so you will get to target in 18 days.

If you want to go extreme, then consume 1500 calories per day, with burning off 1000 calories via exercising, which will lead to burning off 2500 calories per day, here you are able to reach your target in 10-12 days.

Instead of all that, if you do cycling 2 hours a day, you will be burning 1000 calories per day, with consuming just 2000 calories , will help you lose 1500 calories per day, helping you to lose 5 kg/10 pounds in just 20-22 days. which was found to be easy and achievable target with less distractions.

Step 3: Chose the best plan:

Chose a plan which is most effective to work, it should have least stress involved with least distractions, remember we chose to do cycling for 2 hours in a day, with no reduction in diet, this has least distraction and will get you into fit with just simple efforts, and will help you to lose weight plus be healthy.

Step 4: Stick to plan , no matter what happened:

Just stick to plan , no matter what happened, you got to believe in your  plan completely. Troubles are there to come, but if you enjoy the process you will get there no matter what comes.

Step 5: Start the work, measure output:

Be obsessed with outputs or results or results are rewarded and not efforts, so be obsessed with it.As things which measured will improve, its okay to sometimes not reach targets, but whats more important is to be consistent with your efforts.

Step 6: boredom , what do to do, when we reach one:

At sometimes, when we are going on in zoom, we feel boredom, and may feel boredom, at times like that have fun and enjoy your life, as life is there to have fun and not work all your life, its okay to enjoy at times, but be consistent .

Step 7:Expect less:

Your target goals should be achievable, realistic, timely, action oriented, and with all these you should expect less, as when we expect more, we are just adding pressure on our own self.

Step 8: Its not the fastest , but most consistent who wins:

If you work for 24 hours a day, and do not work for next 30 days, you are at the same level, but if you work for 1 hour for next 24 hours, you reach on the next level on 25th day, so its important to be consistent, and remember, drop by drop we will form ocean.

Step 9: You  fail when you  give up:

Life has only one rule, you never fail until you are in the field, so keep moving and you keep the desire awake, as you never know what may happen, and never give up, as if you give up in one field, you will face the same situation in next fields , and you keep giving up and life still remains the same, so the whole point is you only fail when you  give up.

Step 10: Be happy and always be grateful:

You may reach 70% of your target, be happy with it, be grateful for it, as  its important to be happy and grateful for whatever you got in life.This is the best part of life, so enjoy it, be grateful for it and reach onto the next level with open mind.

That’s it now you have reached your goal by now, and are smiling because of it, Guess what i told in the beginning, its worth at the end, every effort of yours is worth for the target you reached and will reach in your life.

Remember life is not easy, its simple, bur not easy, if it was then we will not have unhealthy and poor people or people with bad relationships, every department will take effort to grow, so have calm,be determined and be willing to put efforts, as it takes what it takes to get to where you want to in life.

And at times you tried everything, and things never worked for you, just surrender to almighty god, as its important to love god, practicing zen , as this will align with your true self.

Wish you reach all your Targets!!

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