How To be a good Blogger.

Many of us are thinking to start a blog or in the process of blogging since many months, but still have not found any success, what may be the reason, you have worked hard, but still cannot get any result?, is there anything else you have done to get your blog recognized and ranked in search engine? And the short answer for all this , its about quality content with quantity of posts.

This is just one of the many aspects of blogging, as the number of bloggers increasing , it getting tougher and tougher to rank in search engine, yet some new comers, get the result easily, what may be the secret?

Below I have mentioned 10 ways ,  which if practiced rightly will have an successful blog:

1] Love your work:

Exactly, if you love your work, you will share it with others, if you do not then will try to hide it from others, which will lead  you to waste your time and effort on work which you do not love, which you cannot share with others, and which will not get you anything and it will be a waste of time altogether.

2] Keep the ball Rolling:

keep writing as many beautiful posts as you can, do not stop publishing, every time you get some free time, start publishing blog content.As it will help your readers to get connected with you, and fresh content will help search engines to rank your blog post in the search engine easily. And the more you publish, the more are your chances of success.

3] Write long articles:

Write an article which is at least 1000 words long, its good if its 3000 words and above, if its 10,000 words and above its very good, but all the content must be specific and relevant to the title of the blog.

4] Have a blogging plan:

Having an blogging plan is important and at the same time it showed be executed well enough, i mean you must stick to your plan, no matter what may come in between.

5] Write Evergreen Content:

Write content which are relevant for many more years to come, it may be related to health, wealth, relationships, as people will always be  finding  better ways to be healthy, take care of there finances , saving money, investing money, have great relationships. And as these are relevant they have more probability to ranked in the search engines.

6] Get expert Help:

If you think you are struck in your life, get an expert opinion, just ask advice, there is nothing wrong in asking advice, and the people who have done great things in life, have always had an mentor in there life.So best way to be successful in life is to have a mentor guide you on how to do stuff.

7] Measure work:

No matter what work you do, measure it everyday, look at net worth of your website, number of unique visitors you get, number of views you get, as that which is measured , will grow multiple times, because you are obsessed with it, which is a  must for your blog , your chances of reaching your goals increases exponentially.

8] Moral Values are Important:

Its Important to have good moral values, no matter what work you do, you may feel its just a blog, who might see it, only money is important, but the harsh truth is it matters, god is observing it, and he is the ultimate result giver, if you do not believe in god, just remember that there is an universal force which governs law of karma which states that , as you sow , you reap. if you sow good deeds you will reap good fruits.

9] Like attracts Like:

Its difficult to grow beyond a point, you have given everything, you have worked day and night, but still got nothing to feel worthy about, in that case just remember that life attracts like, just have patience and keep going, as its not important to count your fruits, as this is not in our hand, whats important is to sow right deeds and sow more, we may or may not get anything, but at least you will sleep in peace that you have given your 100%.

10] Blogging is for fun:

Yes its right, blogging is for fun, its a hobby, I say this because 90% of bloggers do not make any money at all, only 2% of them make full time income with it,and 8% earn part time income with it.So if you write honestly and still do not make any money from your blog, then just remember that blogging is just for fun, do not take it seriously as not everyone gets result or money from blogging, its just the way it is.

So, if you follow this 10 things effectively , then i hope you will in the top 2% who will earn full time from blogs, Below I have mentioned some advanced steps to get the result fast, do follow it once you have gone through the basic steps:

1] Have a promotional Plan:

Write nice posts, then its important to promote it your plan should be to get at least 1000 views from promotion of you blog, which could be done by your fb group posting method or Instagram posting method.

2] Have a website link in Bio:

Place your blog link in the bio of Instagram, and fb profile,twitter profile, LinkedIn profile.As this will give you extra coverage to your website as well as back links.

3] Comment on relevant blogs:

Place right comments on the relevant blogs with your website link , this will help you understand what is going on in your segment and also will help you learn from other bloggers, and also will improve your website ranks, by providing you relevant back links.

4] Blogging success takes time:

Actually i thought of keeping this as posts topic, but for some reasons i have changed it, its the most important step to remember that Blogging  Success takes time, and it does involves lot of work upfront, you may look for shortcuts, but this will all end in waste of time, as this is an hard work, where entry price is very high, until your blog is famous it will take some time to get ranked in search engines.

5] Never Buy views or Fake traffic:

There are many fake traffic sellers, never buy from it, as it will just waste your hard earned money, and will not result in anything, so its best to organically grow your blog.

Wish you happy Blogging!!



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