How To Be a Good Parent

I know this subject is close to everyones heart, as all of us love our kids, I have a 3 year old son, i want to be a best parent to him, want to give him all gift which he deserves and provide him a memorable child hood, as i was gifted from my parents. But where to start, how does one knows what is an ideal parent and how does one become one?

Is it the wealth, which childs requires, or our attention and focus, or our own good attitude as kids copy us?

There is hell lot of things to consider , and at the same time when our kid is growing , we are also growing, and we too have our dreams and desires, will we sacrifice on that, may be it may seem right, and we do have to do that a bit, and as every parent knows , raising a child is very difficult tasks, especially in the growing years, from 0 to 5 years time.

As its an art , and everyone a opinion about it, i mean there are some parents who even debate that a child must be beaten or scholded when he does mistakes, which is aganist my principles, but it seems right to them.

And this is a very important topic, so I have given what the correct ways are, according to world standards, and all parents can deviate from it, as you have all the rights to do so:

1] Kids copy what parents do:

Ever wondered why kids use mobile phones, listen to music, read books , its becuase they have been copying you your actions, so chose your word wisely , and actions and behaviuors wisely in front of kids, as they are bound to copy most of what you do.

2] They learn bad words, bad habits from parents, friends, siblings:

Make a note on what bad habits you have, what bad words you speak in front of kids, and avoid all of them, as they learn it from you, and also see that they do not have bad friends and if they utter a new bad word, ask them where did they learnt it from, so you can track the source, also I totally agree that kids have all right to choose there friends, but being parents you have rights to guide them what is right and what is wrong.

3] Have a healthy Diet:

I you are eating junk food , and not healthy, then more chances are that your kid will follow the same, and will get more often sick, so practise healthy being, and start excericesing in front of them, so the kids learn it too.

4] practise Gratitude , more often:

when you practise gratitiude more often, kids learn it too,so they become well mannered and are down to earth, and are not arrogant.

5] Allow them to pursue carrier what they truly like to do:

Kids have right to do stuff in life , what there hearts says, do not force them a carrier option, which they are not willing to do, if will make there life miserable.

6] Do not force your kid to study, if he likes to dropout:

Eduction is must, I totally agree, but what if your kids, do not want to study further, give them a right to dropout , do not forget that its there life, and let them take a stand , and if you force them to study, things might get even worse.

7] Its your time which kids require, not your wealth:

Most kids grow up in life to be independent , so they just require basic education, from you, not your wealth, so do not be under the impression that , i will not give my kids the time and just provide them wealth, so it will cover up everything, its does not, thats the fact.

8] Respect your kids:

A 3 year old needs to be respected in a way, and he deserves it, so respect your kids, no matter what they do, or won’ t do in there life. And there goes the saying, give respect and take respect.

9] Kids are best gifts from god to parents:

yes you heard it right, kids are best gifts from god to parents, to embrace it, nurture it everyday, never compalin about your childrens to others, as it will make your kid feel bad or worse.

10] Let love be the only way:

yes this is most important thing, love your kids , and let love exists between you, at all phases of life.As love is the only way to go.

So If you follow the above 10 steps , you more than average to become a better parent, it will give you 7 to 8 out of 10 , rest you will discover it in the process of implementing the above steps, which will make you 10 out of 10.

As if we keep our relationships well, thats more than important to have a happy life, as at the end of life happiness is the only thing which matters, and if we have one good relationship then it has to be with our kids, as they deserve it the most .

Let you love your kids , as I do, and wish you a very happy parenting, enjoy it, its the best part of your life, and you truly deserve to get great at it.

In case of any further quieries please do comment below, i would like to hear more about your parenting experiences , and any more suggestions , if you have one, please do provide it will be a learning experience to all of us.

There are few things which i think a parent should not do to his kids, which are listed below:

1] Never beat your kids:

This is very nasty, do not ever beat your kids, they will feel very bad, not only physically but even more emotionally, as you are there only assets, so just give you this habit.

2] DO not force them to do stuff:

If they are not interested to do something, do not force them to do something out of there own will, they might do it for your sake, but it will break there inner strength, and how nasty it may look , that knowingly or unknowingly, we are breaking our own kids inner strength.

Wishing you a happy Parenting!!





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