How To Earn Money

There are many ways to earn money, But it takes discipline to get the knowledge to earn money , specially if you want to earn money online it takes lot of discipline, it takes lot of effort, as the supply is enormous, and demand is steady, and the only 10 best sites are viewable in search engine , then the chances of coimg in the top 10 search result for a particular keyword is difficult.

So its important to grow yourself constantly , if you want to rank in the search engines , we will discuss on few subjects to understand how money works, then we will focus on what ways to earn money, then what should be avoided to earn money, what should be the mindset to earn money.

So, lets begin our first topic, How money works?

1] Money is earned when we provide value to the marketplace, its a form of exchange, in return for value realised , either tangible or intangible.

2] There is no direct method to earn money, its a byproduct, you did all the hard work, you kept up the promises to the clients, still client do not pay you, thats the reality, we all have gone through it, when you realised that you have given your 100% , but still do not get anything in return , thats life, life is difficult at times, and it is , we can just work , results are not in our hand , so just do not worry about it.

3] Praying to god, or surrendering to the universal force is important:

practising zen, detachement, surrender is important , as it will aling you with your true self, which will inturn help you to get the best work out of yourself.

4] There is a difference between working from heart and working for the sake of working:

If something is done from heart it becomes gods work, prepare a lemon juice, if you prepare it with love, the taste is different, and if you prepare it with anger the taste is different, ingredients are same, but devotion makes all the difference, either do it with devotion or dont do it at all.

5] Focus is critical:

When you work , focus is important, when you focus completely in present, the result what you get from your work is diffferent from when you do not focus in present.

6] Earn Effortlessly:

If you are working very hard to earn money, then you are just giving it too much, which is not required, so its important to work with heart, to earn effortlessly.[ have stressed this point two times, as its most important]

Now lets Move on to the secound topic, what ways to earn money?

Below I have mentioned few evergreen ways to earn money in todays era:

1] Work with passion:

if you enjoy your work ,you keep improving in it, you will work well, and guess what you will earn well too.

2] Work without expectation:

work for self expression, do not work for earning, as it will deviate your self from the present and keep you in past or in future.

3] Technology is the best segment to be in:

Technical subjects like Artifical intelligence, augumented reality, robotics, web development, blogging, anything which is related to todays technology will help youn create the fortune.

4] Cross border trading is jackpot:

If at all you are looking for jackpot in business cross border trading is jackpot as it will, give you 200 times levarege in sales than selling locally, thats what has be said by import -export consultants.

5] Do Business with confidence:

guts and confidence is important in business, so do not do business in self doubt, if you are not confiedent in work, then just do job, do not think of doing business, only start business when you are confident.

6] Startups have huge potential:

startups have huge potential, try to do something new, and you make a fortune , but it will take a lot of efforts to keep going, so do not give up in between, if you are a kind of person who gives up easily, then stop thinking of starting a startup.

Next will focus on what should be avoided to earn money?

1] lazy attitude:

procastiantion will forward your earning and will hinder your earning, so be proactive and stop being lazy.

2] Taking big risks:

Intially until you get a good foundation, its important to stop taking big risks, as it will leave you nowhere, instead taking calculated risks is important.

3] Wrong team in business:

65% of businesses fail becuase of wrong team members in the founding team, so its important to have right team memebers , which understands you, and supports you.

4] No interest in work:

Find work in which you are interested , or else you will give up ,as you cannot move forward once your heart is not in it, so the way of doing great work, is to love your work.

5] Giving up:

Many times, you may not earn anything, for your work, its important in that time to keep going, as at sometime in the future life will unfold you the jackpot, until then its important to keep moving.

Next we will Focus, what should be the attitude to earn money, below are few :

1] Positive attitude:

Have an optimistic way of life, look everything from optimistic view point, as it will boost your confidence.

2] open mind:

always be ready to unlearn everything, and learn from completely new perspective, as when you are open to new knowledge you are bound to get successfull.

3] Stop focusing on money :

yes stop focusing on money early on, just focus on your work, and things will happen for you, its important to do great work , to great income, than expecting great income for average work.

4] Loving your work:

have a deep passion for your work, so that you keep going, when the going gets tough, you will still pursue, at that time a rational person will give up.

5] have an attitude of improvement:

Always be willing to improve your  work, at all level, as when you move onto the next step,its important to be updated, so its important to keep improving .

Wish you all the best In earning money!!

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