Should We Buy Traffic

There are lot of debate  on if we should buy traffic or not, my personal view is organic traffic converts well and is most valuable , so buying traffic is not required , and there are many strategies which could be used instead of buying traffic.Test it for 15 days, and will be surprised with the results.

Some of the strategies which are mentioned below will definitely have an impact on your sales, leads, clicks and views.


1] Facebook Strategy:

There are plenty of groups on fb , join one which have an audience size of at-least 100,000, Make an image with a link related to the subject of the group and post it in the group, you will at-least get 100 views per 100,000 members, and at least 2 sales if offer is unique and converting.

2] Instagram strategy:

You could follow 1000 people per day on Instagram, so in one month you will have at-least 2000 followers, and if you post your image with offer or link , then will get at-least 200 views.

3] Whats app Strategy:

This works well for B2B, Message at-least 200 people daily with relevant posts, and you get some conversions after few days.

4] Email Marketing:

Send emails to opt-ins , you could get opt-ins by media buying, and send them 18 emails in 12 days, will have some conversions.

5] SMS Marketing:

Send sms to targeted members, send them relevant information, and if the offer is good , it will convert.

6] Influencer Marketing:

Choose right influence’rs and your traffic and conversions will explode , if the offer is good.

7] Paid Traffic:

If you are getting good conversions, and getting profit on investments then its good to invest in paid traffic, but important to test it before scaling it.

8] Content marketing:

This is a long term traffic source, if you are looking for long term , then write good content and site will be ranked in search engine  for right keywords and you will get converting traffic, which is priceless.

9] Pininterst marketing: 

Pininterst is getting huge traffic, its ranking well in search engine, so its important to have pins in there, which will in-turn gives you view and sales.

10] Offline marketing:

Have banners on the roadside, or any other traditional marketing will work, if you have a great converting site, with good content, but its important to test it before doing offline marketing.

So should we buy traffic, initially we should not, but once we have tested our site and are having good content then we should go for it because it will scale the blogs or websites revenue and valuation.

Wish You Happy Promoting!!



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