Why we Give Up

many times in life we give up, we do not want to do that, we thought we will never give up, but we still give up, its becuase its hard, to be consistent is hard, even we know that “Rome was not built in a day” , we still try to get things done in a day, which is difficult so we think that , why to grow slow and steady, can we get it done fast, if so we should get it done fast, its the time when we choose a wrong path, we give up, thats what I am trying to explain you.

ALl the times we give up is becuase we choose a wrong way in reaching our destiny, which leads us to give up, as if we are on the right path, we never give up, as being right in itself gives us strength and courage.

Like when we start something new, we are on the new path, we start with full faith and courage, we try to do things rightly, but then think of the shortcut, its just how we think , and we try to cheat the system, and move forward, but thats what lead us to give up.As in life there is no shortcut.

And all the short cuts are wrong methods, which will take you to dead end and its just a waste of time, thats it and nothing else, so just focus on one thing and do it exceptionally well, forget all the short cuts, I know we all have no time, we want to reach the destiny as early as we can, but it takes patience, perseverance, practise to get there.

So whenever you think you got the shortcut, rememeber that you have chosen the wrong path and are destined to fail, and good routes are quite honest routes , they are always destined for succcess, if you just walk on it.

Below i have mentioned few ways in which if you follow will lead to success and will never give up:

1] Try the longer route:

Always avoid shortcuts and try the longer route, which is destined to success if walked on it, do not try to choose shortcuts as it will lead to failure, no one can wait for success, but we all have to prepare for success.

2] Follow your passion:

Following your passion is the sureshot way to reach any goals, if you listen to heart it will take you to success, as your heart sonehow know what is right and what is wrong.

3] Know your strengths:

Always work with your strengths, know your weakness too, but create a startergy and work based upon your strength, as it will help you reach faster.

4] If you have two projects, one easier and one difficult:

exactly if you have two projects , one easier and one difficult, choose the difficult one, as it will give you fortune, listen to your heart, as its the only thing which knows what is right for you.It might take time, but help you reach destiny .

5] Know what works and what donot:

always have Your USP ready, if you are working in a field which is highly competitive then do not do it, as you will somehow be replaced, so most of the traditional busineesses will get replaced by new ones, by be unreplacable develop your self, its okay to not see results and still be working, as its the most consistent who wins the battle.

6] Let your heart flow through you:

Your work should be a mode of self expression, let is flow thorugh from your heart, so always be willing to be honest, and kind towards your work and get things done in a better way.

7] Have a postive attitude:

Always look world from an optimistic point of view, never try to be pessimistic, as what we focus on increases in value, it might take time, but result is guranted, on the other hand, if you are not willing to give time, then it will take time,as you will fail often , but will not get result too.

8] practise meditation:

meditation for 20 minutes a day, will help you to be on right track, practise it each day, until you get along with it naturally, as it will help you to be on track and will help you to be alinged to your true self.

9] Preparation guranttess success:

When you improve on something you are destined to get success, as its the only way to success, rest all are just shortcuts which will not fetch you anywhere, try to remember that , it takes what it takes to get what you want in life.

10] Faith is priceless:

Faith in oneself is priceless, and most important step to success, it says first you believe and it will be shown in reality, but there has to be some belief in us which keeps us going.

If you just follow all the above steps before giving up, it will change your life, whenever you have a thoguht to give up, jsut practice meditation for 20 minutes,and see the chnage you will have in your life.life unfolds the best gifts, if you just hang to work, if it was easy ,no problems will exists in world, its about going on when everyone gives up.

Just find out where 90% of people give up, if just avoid at that point and keep growing, then you enter into the next 10% and once you reach the top 1% you become excellent in yoru work and you become successfull.

Never be overconfident and give up in between, as once you get into the habit of giving up ,you will reach at the same point many times in your life, and at some point you have to keep going, as this is the only way to success.

As its rightly said , when the going gets tougher be tough, and when you think of giving up, just continue, as this is the point where turns happen and you reach on to the next level.

And remeber just one thing, its what you do for months toghter will decide your years, and what you do for years , decide your life.

Wish you huge success!!



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