Why Consistency is important

There are many reasons why consistency is important, it like you hitting the same rock each day, and the more you hit it, the more are your chances to break it.

What if you hit 1000 times, and then quit, and the reality was, it just required 10 more hits to break the rock, but as we gave up, we lost the battle, all this happens as we do not know the future, thats what the reality is, as if we know it , that its just 10 more times required to break the rock, then we would have not given up.

Thats where the power of faith comes into play, mind requires changes, and if we continue to do some work for 30 days, we will get success in it, but as we are flucatuating we give up in between, thats why most people do not achieve anything in life as they are not hard enough to continue the work , when going gets tough, its important to not give up as once we are into the habit of giving up ,we just give up every now and then.

Below I have mentioned few reasons why consistency is important:


1] It Reduces the learning curve:

whatever you do in life, it will involve some amount of learning , you have to practise more to get more, so in order to get more, you got to be excellent in your work for that you have to,  go through learning curves, so its probaly easy to go through it , if you have been consistent in your work.

2] It Reduces Confusion :

Chose your work from heart, probably your passion should become your profession, so its important to choose one thing and give it all, which will help in reducing confusion.

3] Creates a feeling of familiarity:

When you are used to some work , it creates a feeling of familarity, and you get better at it, so its important to do work consistently.

4] Provides Reassurance:

It provides reassurance, you get a feeling of surity that result will be delivered , if you consistently work in a single thing.

5] It builds Trust:

You get trust from people around you and from your clients , if you keep doing one thing very well.

So its important to manitain consistancy in your work.

Wish you happy life!!

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