Why life have surprises

This is the reality of life on earth, it has surprises , may be it the era of gods to todays technological era, there is a surprise hapenning every where, and we have to get ready to it.

Most importantly we should not work against value systems, for me i never like to copy content, i like to write it on my own, so i will never ever copy and paste the content from some other blog into mine, as it will not solve the whole purpose of updating this blog, and whatever your value system, may be you just have to align with it as nothing will ever work out if you go against it.

Below I have given few reasons why life have surprises:


1] Its fair for all:

If we get everything which we have planned, then there will be no role of destiny, karma in our life and everything will be in our hands, and to make everything fai, life have surprises for all.

2] Its important:

if we keep looking for some piece of treasure, we forget living and if there is a surprise element in life, then we will focus on just journey, thats what life is all about.

3] Things will get easy:

if we plan everything by our own, then things will get complex, so its important to keep things easy by having the surprise element in life.

4] We start believing in unseen:

If we can control everything, people might ne unkind to others, because law of karma exists, people are kind to others and to themselves and they believe in unseen, which opens up many dimensions.

Wish you happy life!!

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