10 steps to achieve any goal

Below i have given 10 steps to achieve any goal.

achieve any goal

Step1: Be specific:

You got to be certain on what is that which you truly want, write it down, it has to be measurable.

Step2: Resarch:

Resarch the subject, know what you got to do to achieve the goal, or what is the skill which you want to learn to reach the destiny.

Step 3: Create a plan of action:

Create a plan of action and keep learning from it, be committed to it and give it all when you are ready to work for it.

Step 4: Get to work:

Work as if there is no tommorrow, work consistnetly , do not procastinate.

Step 5: Hold yourself accountable:

Hold yourself accountable, do not skip work, work has to be given priority , work more and more and be accountable for your goals.

Step 6: Share your dreams with friends and family:

when you do that you become accountable and get some pressure on , that you have to perform, to protect your social image and trust upon you by others.

Step 7: Track your progress:

Periodically track your progress, its important to know where you are heading, and see how far you have made, any little progress must be accepted whole heartedly.

Step 8: Reward yourself:

start rewarding yourself for every small result you got towards your goals, and keep pushing hard, its never too late to believe in yourself, and never giveup.

Step 9: Be flexible:

Be flexible, sometimes you got to pivot from where you started , inorder to reach to the final destiny.

Step 10: Do not be discouraged:

Never feel bad, just in case you failed to reach your destiny, do not be discouraged, remeber god has much better plans for you and you just got to believe in yourself to make things happen for you.

Wish you happy life!!


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