How To Improve Self Esteem

High Self Esteem makes us feel good. Self Esteem reminds us of our strengths.There are times when we feel low but its important to start feeling good as there is nothing to lose in this world. We are just living for a short time on the earth after which we are no more.In the end only thing which matters is how much we smiled , how much we enjoyed, our happiness level etc..

Life has to be fulfilled with lot of good memories and experiences. The irony is pleasant one will be forgotten and bitter one will be remembered .

Greed is the number one reason because of which most people fail in life.

Below I have given few ways by which Self Esteem Could be boosted:


Now let us go deep into each one of the ways to boost self esteem:

1] Take care of the physical needs first:

Every human being have some physical needs, he or she have to take care of it first.Its important to forget our day to day life for future life. But remember life will only come one day at a time . SO we have to start living today and avoid postponing our life , as life will not postpone our death.

Physical needs are as follows:


A] Food:

Its Important to have proper diet, fast food , junk food, high calorie intake will lead to obesity.On the other hand lack of food will make us go into depression which might lead to inappropriate behavior.All this puts down our self esteem.

B] Drink:

Keep your body hydrated.Use plenty of liquid foods like fruits, drink fruit juices, drink at least 5-8 liters of water a day . It will boost your brain functioning.

C] Oxygen:

Its important to go out in a day for at least 1 hour , to get fresh air from trees.

D] Sleep:

Sleep for at least 8 hours a day, which will lead in better stress free life. And sleep is necessary for well functioning of body.

E] Warmth:

Having a sense of belonging in the society will help in building up self esteem.

F] Sensory Pleasure:

Its important to have some sensory pleasure, be it may be meditation, some yoga will boost our self esteem.

G] Maternal Behavior:

Maternal Behavior is the relationship which we have with our parent or guardian , which also helps us to feel good and boosts our self esteem.

So If people are denied any of these needs they will spend long time looking for it.


2] Hang out with people who really get you:


Above image describes the four types of people we should hang out with :

A] Relentless Workers:

People who are passionate and committed with work are the ones who actually make it big in life.So when you hang out with them you get to learn there from them, which will in-turn boost you to work more and boosts your self esteem.

B] Positive Attitude:

Positive Attitude keeps us at peace, a person with positive attitude looks at half fulled glass as half filled and a pessimistic will feel its half empty.

Always be positive it gives you are reason to move forward.

C] Inquisitive People:

People with lot of curiosity are the one  who have different perspective towards life. It helps them build great things in life, as they are creative by nature.

D] Dreamers:

Dreamers have  lot of optimism, which will help you to have good time with them, this will boost your self esteem.


3] Accept a compliment with a smile:



Why we should accept a compliment with a smile:

A] Positive frame of mind:

Smile depicts positive frame of mind to oneself and to others.

B] It attracts people towards you:

It attracts people towards you, its a fact that 61% of people are attracted towards you because of your smile alone.

C] It makes you more enthusiastic:

Smile Fills you with positive energy and positive energy helps you have high self esteem.

D] Smiling Boosts your Immune system:

Smiling boosts your immune system, its builds up resistance against diseases, and keeps you healthy.

E] Smile releases tension:

When you smile you release tension and you are stress free in life.


4] Treat Yourself To Something Nice:  


You can treat yourself with clothes, shoes, bags, chocolates, sweets,cakes, books , newspapers,magazines, a meal or a take away.

Why we should treat our-self with all this good stuff:

A] It shows that we value our-self and so improves our self esteem.

B] We start respecting us more, which releases our guilt and gives us new way of life.

C] It takes away our depression and makes us more lovable.

D] It redefines our inner strength which improves our self esteem.


5] Let yourself have some Leisure Time:


Its interesting to note that 64% of people are willing to have some free time or leisure time for themselves to have a better life.

Below are the reasons how free time improves our self esteem:

A] It aligns us with our true self.

B] It gives us time to think and plan for our self.

C] We understand what we truly are.

D] We start to work on our-self which is important to boost self esteem.

E] We realize our true value and we live up-to our expectations.


6] Get and give lots of hugs:


Benefits of frequent Hugs of minimum 20 second long are as follows:

A] Oxycontin can regenerate muscles:

It build up your muscles which improves health and boosts your self esteem.

B] Reduces chances of heart attack:

C] Releases stress:

D] helps you sleep better.

E] gives you positive energy ,builds up your self esteem as well.


7] Forgive yourself for past mistakes:


Why Forgiving ourselves for past mistakes  is the best option is described below:

A] Be Bold: We tend to live boldly when we forgive ourselfs.

B] we Tend to be our-self , which gives us identity.

C] we get clarity on what we needs to do In present.

D] we tend to listen to our feelings more clearly.

E] We are ready to say No, which proves us that we are doing something courageous.

F] we stop tolerating things which drain us.

G] We start being kind to ourselfs.

H] Do not do many things and remember slow and steady wins the race.

I] We start realizing the true value of our-self and we get like minded people to hang out with ourselfs.

j] When we forgive ourselfs we stop worrying what others think and start focusing on what do we think.

K] When we forgive our-self , we stand up for our self.


8] Let Yourself express a different opinion:


Why we should express a different opinion:

A] It gives us strength .

B] It makes us feel more valuable.

C] You get to far off places, which when being same would have not been possible.

D] You realize your true worth.

E] You enjoy your life more often.


9] Relish in your accomplishments:


We Should  enjoy our accomplishments fully because:

A] It gives us a sense of satisfaction.

B] we start respecting ourselfs more.

C] We start loving our self and are kind to oneself.

D] We get strength for more accomplishments in future.

E] We become more socially acceptable because of our accomplishments which boosts our self esteem.


10] Let yourself be perfectly imperfect:


When we understand that nobody is perfect, we tend to align more with our true self, we tend to forgive our self for our past mistakes and break our mind from limitations and this in-turn improves our self esteem.





Just remember these 10 points and you will have high self esteem always:

A] Stop comparing yourself to others.

B] Complement yourself regularly.

C] Exercise Consistently.

D] Simple More often.

E] Focus On your accomplishments.

F] Get the support you need to succeed.

G] Make a list of all your positive qualities.

H] Eat better.

I] Explore a passion.

J] Treat yourself to something nice .

Wish you a happy life!!

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