Blogging Reality

Get ready for a roller coaster ride, below i have presented 28 infographics, which when you understand will provide you complete reality of blogging. It will leave you with no doubts. Just consume it slowly step by step and will know plenty about blogging.

Be you are a new blogger or have some blogging experience or an experienced blogger , it will enrich all of you irrespective of your experience.

1] 5 things to do when you do not have any ideas about what to blog on


Do not just think about blogging, just start writing about it.

2] 9 most powerful blog promotion tactics:



Twitter is easy source of traffic for new blogs.

3] The Blogconomy 




It takes time to get rich and famous in blogging.

4] How T0 get you blog post shared :


Influencer marketing have great ROI, must be utilised for promotion of blog posts .


5] How Business BLogging Can Help your Company Grow:


most of the B2B businesses use blogging to build there brand and gain more leads.

6] BLogging statistics you are unaware off:


Social shares gives you more credibility and more traffic .

7] 10 blog post ideas :


Reintroduce yourself, make yourself unique from others.

8] Secrets of a killer blog post:


having readers complete attention in your blog is getting more difficult nowadays.


9] Bloggers checklist:


Gaining support from people is the easiest way to get succesfull.

10]The anatomy of a perfect blogpost from headline to CTA:


visual elements are gaining more importance nowadays in blogging.

11] How to write a perfect Blog post?


To Write a perfect blog post resarch on the subject matter is important.

12] Simple steps to start your own Blog:



Advertisements are one of the main source of revenue for blogs.

13] How TO get your first 1000 Subscribers:


Email optins gives you chance to promote your products through email and as well as organic shares for your blogs.

14] 12 powerful guest Blogging Tips:


40% of your blog traffic could be increased just by utilising guest blogging effectively.


15] 10 BLog titles that drive massive traffic:


Make your content useful and provide huge value to gain trust and subscribers.

16] Ulitmate list of blog post Ideas:


content of the posts should  be remarkable to get more shares and like.

17] What makes the perfect Blog:



perfect post solves a real world problem effectively.

18] Lets look at what it takes to start a Blog?


Posting in facebook groups and linkedin groups gives greater reach and traffic to blog posts.

19] Sensible BLogging checklist:


email outreach is any effective method from which blog traffic could be increased.

20] How TO promote your blog:



sometimes we have to buy traffic to increase our reach in blogging.

21]How TO Make a blog that makes money:



Launch your own product once your blog gets some traffic, and you are get some expertise in it.

22] 5 tips on how to start a succesfull blog:


Consistent content is required for blog to generate more traffic.

23] 7 Common BLogging mistakes to avoid:


Earn money from blogging is difficult and times some time, be ready for roller coaster ride, if you choose to be blogger.

24] 30 ways to promote your blog posts:


Social media is one of the best ways to promote a blog.

25] Why is blogging Important?


BLogging regularly  gives you 45% more traffic and makes you more credible.

26] what to do after a new blog post is published?


Promotion of blog post once its written is important, to keep the traffic coming in.


27] The keys to become a successfull Blogger:


Blogging spcae is overcrowded, so a blog has to be unique for it to be recognised.

Above 27 infographics describes everything about blogs, if we follow the rules proplerly and know in detail about what we are doing then there is a great chance that we will succeed in blogging.

Wish you happy Life!!

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