Why Its Hard To Succeed.

There are plenty of reasons why its hard to succeed , below i have mentioned few of them, it will be helpful to understand this before aiming for success, as the reality is we just choose our habits and our habits decide our future.


The reasons why we do not succeed is as follows:

1] We criticize

2]we hold a grudge over others.

3] we blame others for our failure, we do not take 100% responsibility of our life.

4] we say lies, that we keep a journal, but in reality we dont.

5] we think that we know it all, and are not ready to learn .

6] we are always looking for short term gains, and not looking for a long term benefit.

7] We secretly hope others fail.

8] we dont know what we actually want in life, we are confused, and do not have clarity in life.

9] we do not have clear ,specific, well stated goals.

10] we fear change.

11] we just gossip about people most of the time.

12] doing what we felt like doing , instead of following a plan of action.

13] consume large amount of data and information and do not apply it.

14] excude anger over oneself and others.

15] watch tv everyday.

16] we take all the credit of our victories.

17] except special treatment to oneself over others.

SO if we avoid all above 17 attributes, we are well on track to be succeesfull.

Wish you happy life!!

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