Have A Purpose In Life

We all have goals, ambitions, desires, dreams, plans, mission, vision in life, but very few have purpose in life, and thats the primary difference between, high successfull people and average people.

Purpose in life drives you to achieve great things in life, no matter what you do in life, you got to have a purpose, you may be a student, a teacher, a docter, an engineer, all should have a purpose in life, purpose in life takes you to next level, and helps you give your best everytime you work.


Find your lifes purpose in just 5 minutes, yes its that easy:

Just anwer the below questions, and find a overlap of it:

1] Whats important to you?

freedom, achievement.


It gets you to be best version of yourself with providing you respect from society as well.

2] What are you good at?

I am good at scaling things, working hard, being motivated, website developing, app building etc..

3] How could the world be improved?

If i inspire people to be self employed and do what they love to do, they will difenetly do great work.

so let us find the overlap for me , as an example, so that you understand it better.

inspire people , scaling things , website developing, freedom.

blog gives you freedom, if i achieve in this, it will inspire other people as well to do the same.

So thats my life purpose, blogging to inspire others to blog , so that they can get both freedom and achievement, and spread goodness in the society.


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