Why Atma Kalyan Matters

Atma is everything, it connects with every aspect of our life, whether it is material or spritiual aspects, it gets us on to next level of our life.

So when atma is the most important aspect of our life, then why do we avoid working on it, its becuase of our ignorance. But its very important to start valuing time, and start working on atma, as thats what is important in our life.

Speically in jainisim its important to do 1 samay a day, its not just bound to one religion , but equally important to all cultures and religion.

Atleast it will help us to have peace of mind, and lot of good karma, but no love or hatness should be involved with this work, it should not be connected with rag or dwesh.


Below I have mentioned the benefits of both active as well as passive meditation:

1] You sense more calm and quiet inside .

2] You heal phsycially, emotionally, spritiually and achieve self realization.

3] You life into more subtle , higher state of awareness.

4] You relaise the energy that flows from god throughout all existence.

Wish you a happy life!!

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