Love is the starting point of all Creation

Love is the starting point of all creation, and hate is the starting point of all destruction. So fall in love with people around you, things around you, work you do day in and day out, as if you believe it or not, love is the starting point of all creation. So we got to fall in love , there is no other choice , and more over love is precious. Yes it is off course.


Below I have Mentioned Few things to do every night and day to feel love all through day and night. 

1] Make a night before list.

2] Set your clothes out for tomorrow, this small things takes a lot of stress from your life.

3] Forgive yourself. Its okay to make mistakes , but learning from them is important. 

4] Do something for yourself, it could be exercises [ which i recommend] or reading books, meditating, something which connects you with the source.

5] Have a routine and follow it, as drop by drop you could break the rock.

6] I suggest start your day with something small, which builds up your confidence , and then you can try for big things in life.

Wish you happy life!!



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