Have Faith

You heard this many times, tough times don’t last but tough people do, we all have to go thorough ups and downs of life, there is no other way around, every person , at any stage of life has to go through tough times, not even a single person on this earth will have only ups and no downs, as life is a combination of ups and downs.

There is no gain without pain, you have to incur some pain to gain something.

Below i have mentioned few Benefits of having faith:


Tangible benefits:

1] Temporary happiness 

2] Limited on a day to day routine.

3] It fullfills our needs in particular moment.

4] It gives us peace of mind, and a good night sleep.

5] it helps in attaining material welath.

less tangible benfits:

6] More long lasting happiness.

7] helps accumalate good fortune over time.

8] Lifestyle becomes better.

9] We are not worried anymore.

10] we face challenges effortlessly, not shaken by lifes challenges.

11] It gives great understanding of our life and people around us.

Wish you happy life!!

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