Risk Is proportional To Returns.

We avoid taking risks, whenever we get an option to not take the risk, and get our work done, we tend to avoid risk.

But in reality, less risk means fewer returns, and it does not take a lot of courage to face through fears and take the risk, it just requires small determination and we are well on our part to take big risks.

If it requires little determination, then why do people avoid taking risks, even letting go of there deserving returns, its because we fear, and fear is our biggest enemy.


Below are the few ways by which we can get huge returns by managing risks:

1] Go one step at a time.

2] Take calculated risks.

3] Dream big, but know your risk-return returns.

4] always take an outside chance, you never know when your goals may be fulfilled.

5] Do not lose hope, it’s okay to fail at times, and keep moving.

Wish you a happy life!!

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