Health is the only thing which matters.

We often get so busy in earning money that we forget the main thing which is truly important in our life, its health, and it rightly said that health is the only wealth.

But the only concern is that it should not get too late to get that realization, so before we get any deadly diseases it’s better to start working on health, it may be eating healthy food to exercises every day to being fit.


So let’s say you want to lose weight in 1 week, nice motivation below is the way to do it:

1] Drink water to hydrate, spice it up with lemon, cucumber, lime.

2] Cut back on sodium to Combat puffiness and bloating.

3] Fill up with fiber to keep you full until the next meal.

4] Be mindful of portion sizes.

Let’s also look at what not to do:

1] Go on all liquid diet.

2] entirely ban food groups like sugar or gluten.

3] rely on diet powders and pills.

4] Focus exclusively on calories.

Wish you a happy life!!



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