How to achieve unrealistic goals

First of all, congratulations that you have set unrealistic goals, it shows your inner strength, your courage to go against all social rules to get the best out of yourselves.

It may seem hard in the beginning, but let us break down the art of achieving impossible goals, from scratch.


1] Set both realistic and unrealistic goals.

when we start achieving small goals it builds up our confidence then we went on to achieve big goals as well.

2] Work hard and get others to work with you.

building a team of passionate people working towards an unrealistic goal could make wonders.

3] Don’t make excuses.

I know its hard, but don’t get into the habit of making excuses.

4] Don’t underestimate others.

5] Be willing to fall.

6] Make sacrifices.

7] Use your strength.

8] Don’t back down.

Wish you a happy life!!



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