Give it all and you will reach there.

The hard truth in life is not everything is in our hands, we give it all, but at times we still fail, we give our self-respect, our self-esteem to save a relationship, but still we cannot save it, then we should just give up.

It’s important to do all efforts to save a relationship, but beyond that its the wish of the almighty or the other person, if he/she is still interested in you or not. Maybe the other person does not deserve to be in your life. say thanks to god for giving you what you have in your life.and rest in peace.


Below is the way based upon reality to reach a goal :

1] Take a shot:

Every day holds a new opportunity, today is a good day to start.

2] Set realistic goals:

we often set ourselves to fail because we set unrealistic goals, to begin with.

remember any progress is progress.

3] Stay strong :

you have it in you, just stay strong you have it in you.

4] keep on target:

Don’t see change, its time to shake it up, try a new approach.

5] Persist :

it always gets worse before it gets better, our job is to just keep doing it.

6] Don’t doubt:

It’s always worth at the end.

7] The last push:

don’t give up you have come a long way just push a little and you will reach the target.

Wish you a happy life!!




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