Should we break up or not

This is sometimes a difficult thing to go over, that should we break up or not, people tend to decide this very fast, but the consequences are forever, some suggest that its good to break up if your partner does not like you, some suggest you should not break up even if your partner is not liking, at some time in life she/he will fall in love with you all over again.

But the truth is we should move on, I know it’s hard, it will be hard anytime you decide in your life, but you have to face it, there is no other way out.

There are few cases where communication is dropped, there is no communication happening between the two of them, still, wonder why people have so much hate towards others. in all ways hate for someone is not acceptable, but since its life where every one of us tends to have their own viewpoint, there is nothing which could be questioned.

In the journey of life, few will love you few will hate you, I am still partial to the fact that you should not hate anyone, but that’s how life is.


Below are the 12 things you should do right after your break up if you want to survive:

1] get it out of your system.

2] Have a support system.

3] Establish daily rituals or routines.

4] Get all the Ex affairs in order.

5] Clean all your places with the ex-stuff.

6] Go no contact with your ex.

7] Have a distraction plan in place.

8] Unfriend your ex on all social platforms.

9] Practise thought control.

10] make a list of all your ex’s flaws.

11] Make a list of 10 things why I love my ex so much.

12]  Use these two affirmations daily.

Wish you a happy life!!







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